1. Accident victims - People are injured in marijuana related accidents such as in workplace, homes, schools, and public places. This includes those injured by explosions caused by marijuana production.

2. Abused elders - Elders may be abused by marijuana users.

3. Children of marijuana users - Many children have marijuana using parents and may be abused or neglected by those parents. Marijuana use is not a victimless crime. It is involved in child abuse, neglect and divorce.

4. Crime victims - People are killed, assaulted and robbed by marijuana users.

5. Domestic violence victims - Spouse abuse and abuse of relatives may be caused by marijuana use.

6. Drug Dealer Liability Act victims - Legislatures across the nation are passing Drug Dealer Liability Acts (DDLA), that make drug dealers civilly liable to those injured by a driver under the influence of drugs, families who lose a child to illegal drugs and others injured by illegal drugs.

7. Employers - There is lost work time and wages due to marijuana use and accidents and negligence caused by marijuana use. There is loss of competitiveness due to lowered mental abilities created by use of marijuana.

8. Environmental victims - Many people suffer damage due to pollution from marijuana grow operations.

9. Grandparents - Many parents are addicted to marijuana and as a result their children are being raised by their children's grandparents. In addition, many grandparents have marijuana addicted grandchildren.

10. Marijuana consumers - There is product liability for the production and sale of dangerous and/or contaminated and poorly processed marijuana for medical or recreational use.

11. Marijuana addicts - Society pays a high price for the addiction of marijuana users.

12. Marijuana intoxicated driving victims - Many people are injured or killed by marijuana impaired drivers. There is server liability for marijuana stores that sell medical or recreational marijuana to customers who then kill or injure others in car crashes.

13. "Medical" marijuana users - Marijuana may be more dangerous than regulated pharmaceuticals and it causes many harms. People may decide to not get proper medical treatment and use marijuana instead and be damaged by it.

14. People who suffer mental health impairment due to marijuana - Marijuana users can develop mental illness due to marijuana use. This causes suicide and violence.

15. Parents - There are parents who have marijuana addicted children or who have lost children to marijuana related deaths or mental illness.

16. Pets - Colorado reports a four-fold increase in the number of dogs treated for marijuana intoxication between 2005 and 2010.

17. Property owners - The federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) statute allows lawsuits by private citizens injured by the racketeering activity of growing or selling marijuana. There are similar state RICO laws.

18. Sexual victims - Marijuana use leads to sexual promiscuity and spread of AIDS and other blood borne infections.

19. Students and schools - Students may be victimized by disruptive marijuana users in their schools. In addition, the ability of the schools to provide an orderly learning environment is impaired by marijuana users.

20. Trademark and copyright infringement victims when marijuana products are named after well known products.

21. Workers and farm employees in the marijuana industry - They may be exposed to pesticides, heavy metals, fungus and other forms of contamination.

22. Those threatened and harassed by marijuana users and marijuana advocates.

23. The public - Since the 1970s our citizens have been ill-informed or uninformed by the marijuana lobby concerning the hazards of marijuana. The marijuana lobby has orchestrated a campaign of deceit in the media, internet, and the social media aimed at the youth of America that deliberately hides the dangers of marijuana. Marijuana is capable of wreaking havoc on the health, safety, economic strength and cognitive function of our nation’s citizens. Yet, for no other drug is the gap so large between current scientific evidence of adverse consequences and the public perception. The marijuana lobby has engaged in a well funded campaign to spread false information so they can put profits before people. Our kids are paying the price.